Lominy Books is committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming writers. Each year, the Fièvre Rouge Writing Competition recognizes stories by emerging French-speaking writers. We’re looking for a few spine-tingling horror stories! No slasher style work. Violence should be in proportion to the style of the manuscript and not just thrown in for shock value.

The anthology includes stories by all the contest finalists.

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Visions on Alligator Alley is an ekphrastic story in verse inspired by the 2015 Girls’ Club Fort Lauderdale gallery exhibit “The Moment. The Backdrop. The Persona.” Poems inspired by artwork from the exhibit depict a story through verse as well as by visual landscape. Laura McDermott traces the journey of a Florida woman who struggles with the overwhelmingly masculine world she lives in, and with feelings of desire, longing, and deep mourning.

Laura McDermott is the founder and executive director of Orange Island Arts Foundation, a literary arts organization. McDermott studied creative writing at Florida State University, received her M.F.A. in poetry from Florida International University, and is a tenured assistant professor of English at Broward College. She was the recipient of the 2014 Wells Fargo Endowed Teaching Chair. As a member of the Miami Poetry Collective, McDermott’s poems are regularly featured in its Cent Journal Series: A Modern Anthology of Miami Poets. Her poems have also appeared in Screw Iowa! the Virginia Key website, The Selected Collective: Volume VII of Tigertail, and Poets & Artists. She is the 2014-2015 Writer-in-Residence of Girls’ Club, Ft. Lauderdale.

Laura McDermott

Praise for Visions on Alligator Alley

In Visions on Alligator Alley, Laura McDermott responds to an array of visual artists who challenge her and enlarge her voice in these stunning poems. McDermott’s work, rooted in concrete detail, opens the artists’ pieces in surprising directions.  Cars and movement, two of McDermott’s themes, build throughout the book, celebrating female freedom—a road trip you won’t want to miss. — Denise Duhamel, author of Blow Out

How fitting that each poem is nestled next to its own artwork, for McDermott writes like a painter, splashing words on paper boldly… There’s a raw beauty here, as though the speakers can’t or won’t filter their courage; one says of herself, “I’m the mum – bling in the woodshed.” That’s as good a definition of a poet as any… if the poet is able to get at the truths of the mind and heart as McDermott does. — David Kirby, author of The House on Boulevard St.: New and Selected Poems

The poems in Laura McDermott’s Visions on Alligator Alley idle “halfway between/the drainage ditch and the stars.” Place roots these poems in Florida with its Coppertone tans and landlocked mermen with bleached hair. Suffering needs a setting, whether it’s the moldy carpet of a hotel room or lovers hitchhiking through the Everglades, and here place grounds the reader while cars serve as a vehicle for desire, as metaphor for journey. Through the art that inspired each piece, McDermott summons the story out of each image–stories of the passion, of grief, of “coupling until we break the infinity.” Navigating these stories of loss and desire, lovers and family, McDermott helps us cross that emotional tightrope between that drainage ditch, those stars. —Traci Brimhall, author of Our Lady of the Ruins

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Sunshine on Stormy Seas is a poetry collection full of raw, authentic, sometimes soothing reflections on the experiences that shape life. The reader gets a peek inside Rebecca N. Carmant’s soul, and a walk through the emotional canvas that defines us—as women, as mothers, as lovers, as humans. Carmant feels deeply and speaks honestly about some of her darkest times, but while her writing reflects her struggles, it also allows light to shine through. Carmant celebrates every milestone, no matter how small and insignificant. She sees each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow, and a light-hearted attitude allows her to hold on to her joy. In Carmant’s world, Life happens. Bad things happen. But we all have those “pockets of happiness” to make it through the rough patches.


Rebecca N. Carmant is the author of Sunshine on Stormy Seas, a poetry collection that gives voice to the battles the Haitian-American writer faces as a woman of color, a person of faith, and the mother of an autistic child. Carmant holds a Master’s degree in Education and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Leadership. She advocates for many causes, including autism and social justice.

If you happen to speak Haitian Creole, click below to listen to talk-show host Eustache Fleurant interview Rebecca on WSRF 1580am:

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In honor of Lip Service’s eight-year-anniversary, we’re launching Badass, Lip Service: True Stories, the Double Album (Lominy Books, 2014) edited by Andrea Askowitz.  This anthology is a collection of some of the best of Lip Service’s first eight years. Lip Service is a John S. and James L. Knight Foundation award-winning organization and a Miami institution.  We are a night of true stories out loud.  But we are more than a show.  Lip Service is an experience of community connecting like nothing else in South Florida. Lip Service typically features eight true stories, but as the title suggests, Badass is a double album, so you get two shows in one book, featuring 16 stories in all.  The stories are funny, poignant, inspiring, and all true.

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Andrea Askowitz, editor

“Lip Service stories—as good as a kiss.”
—Mitchell Kaplan, Books & Books

“Delightful, touching, funny, spirited and all true, the stories in Lip Service should be sent up in a satellite or buried in a time capsule. In five hundred years, if anyone is still around to read them, these narratives will be just as entertaining and enlightening as they are now. Lip Service stories are like delicious bonbons—I want more!”
—Beverly Donofrio, author of Riding in Cars with Boys
and Astonished: A Story of Evil, Blessings, Grace, and Solace

“Eating disorders! Feline overdoses! Star-crossed love! Fist fights! The stories in Lip Service are sharp, funny, and raw. They gave me that lovely shiver I always feel in the presence of beautiful, wrenching truths. Bravo!”
—Steve Almond, author of Candyfreak and Against Football

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Lominy Books is committed to promoting the work of up-and-coming writers. Each year, the Fièvre Rouge Writing Competition recognizes stories by emerging French-speaking writers.  We’re looking for a few spine-tingling horror stories! No slasher style work. Violence should be in proportion to the style of the manuscript and not just thrown in for shock value.

The anthology includes stories by all the contest finalists.


Fresh, fierce, and enlightening, All That Glitters is a find. The talented nonfiction writers in this collection invite us along on the complicated, sometimes scary, but irresistible pursuit of truth.

—Lynne Barrett,
author of Magpies and The Secret Names of Women

Sliver of Stone magazine presents its first volume of collected nonfiction. From the mouth of a Seattle whale to a Nordstrom’s swimsuit department, from an Idaho fundamentalist church to a fathomless Florida lake, the fifteen stories in ALL THAT GLITTERS recount lives and identities unsettled by impending doom. Also included are four remarkable interviews with award-winning nonfiction writers, including Susan Orlean, author of The Orchid Thief and Rin Tin Tin.


True stories by Andrea Askowitz / Jan Becker/ Kim Barnes / Tabitha Blankenbiller / Christine Butterworth-McDermott / Rebecca Cook / Elizabeth M. Dalton / Lisbeth Davidow / M. Evelina Galang / Nicholas Garnett / Lori Jakiela / Paul Lisicky / Dinty W. Moore / Russell Reece / Dan Wakefield

Interviews with Elmaz Abinader / Corey Ginberg / Susan Orlean / Mark Vonnegut

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Emerging writers from Nova Middle School in Davie, Florida, share touching, funny, & unforgettable stories and poems.

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The texts included in this collection draw you in; each of these voices connects with you on a level that is deeply emotional, almost visceral.
—M.J. Fievre
Editor of So Spoke the Earth

Open this book. And you will feel, laugh, and cry. Nova Titans are gifted, original writers.
—Estelle Guerlain
Editor at Lominy Books

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