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Working with someone whose insight you value is always a pleasure. M.J is constructive, honest and thorough. I appreciate the work that she does.

– Mahalia Solages, author of What Morning Is This? 

As I worked with M.J. Fievre on the anthology, So Spoke the Earth, having contributed a story to this amazing collection, I was constantly impressed with Ms. Fievre’s gifted editing and efficient communication with authors. She always kept me apprised of the progress of publication and my role in it. I appreciated her constant dedication to this important anthology, and her devotion to the people involved in every story.

– Leita Kaldi Davis, So Spoke the Earth contributor

Thanks to M.J., I am learning to become a more daring and confident writer.

– Marylin Laurent, HOL contributor

After M.J. Fievre edited my story, I was quite amazed at its transformation. Together we worked on dialogues, time markers, and sentence flow, making “Remembering Kate” a beautifully crafted piece of literature.

– Maryse N. Roumain, Onè? Respè! contributor


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