Our Classes

Memoir 101
This workshop will help writers develop specific skills to tell their personal stories with a crafted sensibility. Participants will learn to focus their narrative voice, find a story’s arc, and use scene, characterization, and dialogue to organize the raw material of their lives. Work written during the workshop will be discussed in a non-judgmental environment designed to support each other’s individual skills. We’ll explore the differences between autobiography and memoir and address the idea of self-disclosure. We’ll also discuss the “gray areas” of nonfiction, including the tension between emotional and factual truth, and ideas about truth telling for memoirists. All levels welcome.

Flash Fiction
Flash Fiction is an exciting and nuanced genre full of possibilities and surprises; it encourages writers to be economical and deliberate.  The pieces, though diminutive in length, must still contain all the elements of narrative construction. How does a writer compress events and characterization into a few hundred words? Well, let’s experiment and play! The workshop will be beneficial for those first experimenting with the genre and for those looking to hone their skills. Write short, think long.

Ekphrastic Poetry 
In this workshop, discover the romance between image and text. In the ekphrastic tradition, you will write poems in response to works of art you discover in online art galleries.

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