Sunshine on Stormy Seas, by Rebecca N. Carmant

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Sunshine on Stormy Seas is a poetry collection full of raw, authentic, sometimes soothing reflections on the experiences that shape life. The reader gets a peek inside Rebecca N. Carmant’s soul, and a walk through the emotional canvas that defines us—as women, as mothers, as lovers, as humans. Carmant feels deeply and speaks honestly about some of her darkest times, but while her writing reflects her struggles, it also allows light to shine through. Carmant celebrates every milestone, no matter how small and insignificant. She sees each moment as an opportunity to learn and grow, and a light-hearted attitude allows her to hold on to her joy. In Carmant’s world, Life happens. Bad things happen. But we all have those “pockets of happiness” to make it through the rough patches.


An avid reader of realistic fiction and philosophical thought, Rebecca N. Carmant has always been fascinated by words. As a kid, she craved them; at 12, she wrote her first poetry collection. As a Haitian-American, Carmant keeps her birthplace close to her heart, and memories of the Caribbean land permeate her work. Her writing also gives voice to the battles she faces as a woman of color, a person of faith, and the mother of an autistic child. Carmant holds a Masters degree in Education and is pursuing a doctoral degree in Leadership. She advocates for many causes, including autism and social justice.  She loves music, dancing, reading, gardening, and rooting for the Jets and Yankees. Carmant currently resides in South Florida with her husband and son.

If you happen to speak Haitian Creole, click below to listen to talk-show host Eustache Fleurant interview Rebecca on WSRF 1580am:

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